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Bad Chemistry Recordings v2.0

“Man will begin to recover the moment he takes art as serious as physics, chemistry, or money.”

With a mindset of D.I.Y. and a vision of the future, drum and bass/dubstep producer GEIN unleashed his record label on the world. With more than 17 years production credit as well as 5 years of record label management with HABIT RECORDINGS, Bad Chemistry stirred up the bass music scene as a conceptual label that defies standards and commanded attention.

Bad Chemistry has turned heads worldwide with collaborations and solo material that breaks stereotypes and push the envelope even further than before. Within the first year of it’s inception, GEIN & Bad Chemistry brought you several quality releases from a stacked roster including the likes of Technical Itch, Jakes, Demo, Ewun, Cooh, Evol Intent, and Nanotek to name a few. That was just the beginning.

Relaunching in 2015 with a vengeance and new purpose, Bad Chemistry is hitting the ground running and will continue to curate top notch music from well-known and breakout artists alike.